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Evergreen has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. threesomes. Fairy Tail Gender [96] After the ordeal, Evergreen and her comrades are taken to Porlyusica, whom declares they may not fully recover from the damage of the particles. [38] Nonetheless, the two easily dispatch all of them in their immediate vicinity. [72], When the final day of the games gets under way, Evergreen stands in the crowd with Freed, Bickslow and the rest of Fairy Tail. Guild Mark Location [78] She later joins her Guild as they celebrate the joyous moment. She seems scared since Mirajane doesn't plan to hold back and has already entered Satan Soul to battle them. Caitlin Glass. Japanese Voice [43] When Elfman manages to use a smart maneuver and strip Rustyrose of his glasses, Evergreen stands to petrify him. [110] The calamity is ended shortly after, though, as Bisca manages to locate and save Erza from Ajeel, allowing her to attack with Nakagami Starlight. added by pjwoww. [120] When Natsu mumbles about Zeref in his sleep, Happy tearfully tells Natsu to let it go because if Zeref is killed, Natsu will die as well—something which shocks Evergreen and everyone else present. [141] She possesses the following moves: Evergreen appears as a playable character in the PSP Game, Fairy Tail Zeref Awakens. Evergreen screams Yajima's name as she sees the mysterious man being about to attack him,[93] and later also attacks him herself, when Bickslow and Freed fail to protect him. Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Explore Fanpop. Previous Team However, Erza then requips two more swords, using her feet to wield them. As such, they were initially the only people with whom she interacted. fruitpunchsamurai. [5], Evergreen has light brown hair, dark brown eyes and visible pink lips. Evergreen on the cover of Volume 13. Evergreen :) 33117854. Japanese Erza then tries to cut Evergreen, but Evergreen flies away too quickly. [53] After being teamed up with Erza and Max the team sets out to their destination. She said once that they'd been together for "a long time." Amidst the battle, Evergreen affirmatively inquisites Mirajane when the latter acknowledges her clairvoyant glimpse of the future. [85] As Natsu remains persistent to consume the Dragon, he tells Evergreen and the rest of the Tribe to head for the castle to assist Wendy, to which Evergreen notes that Wendy is still young and inexperienced despite being a Dragon Slayer. Elfman gets surprised by her presence, almost waking her up, but she simply whispers that she isn't worried about him at all. 3 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: May 08, 2017 . [68], Evergreen's reaction to the Bunny's identity, After the game administration decides to reorganize the teams due to Team Raven Tail's disqualification; Fairy Tail as a result reorganizes its team to consist of five members. Evergreen launches a barrage of needles at the creature, but the attack has no effect on it and it prepares to attack her. fairy. He is surprised that there were people on the island. He explains to the pair his Magic, which allows him to materialize anything he wants. With Evergreen's Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun turning ineffective, Bickslow tells her that they just have to destroy them, causing her to demolish the beasts with her Fairy Bomb: Gremlin. This Fairy Tail foto contains anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek. [71] Later, following Natsu's victory against Sting and Rogue on the 4th Day, Evergreen is seen cheering him for it. Manga Debut [109] Soon after, though, Erza greatly wounds Ajeel, who then summons a sandstorm over the entire Magnolia, with Evergreen complaining about its interference. Evergreen. Episode 42 The group arrive just in time, as Laxus hurls a lightning strike, which disperses Ajeel's Sands of Death, before it hits the Fairy Tail Mages. Evergreen has the ability to deactivate the spell placed over her victims, but otherwise, over time, those who have been turned to stone will turn to dust. Evergreen is a woman who loves fairies, and her childhood dream was to become one. Evergreen is with her team members in the forest when they see a bolt of Laxus’ lightning shoot into the sky, and she goes with them to investigate. The Thunder God Tribe decides to protect the area to prevent any intruders from attacking again. [101], Evergreen is seen inside Ichiya's Christina, above the location of Team Natsu and the others. Evergreen is capable of producing mass amounts of magical power, that is capable of letting her fight for hours; although, this usually doesn't happen, because her magic relies on the support of others, not offense against enemies. Standing with her beloved guild mates, Evergreen watches as her opponents disappear before her eyes. Novel Debut Even after Evergreen reminds Ichiya that he was the one responsible for saving them, the man continues to have his tantrum by kicking the dismembered head of Wall. The Magic also doesn't work on people who wear glasses. [92], Evergreen, along with Bickslow and Freed, arrives on Island 8, after taking the request to help Yajima with his restaurant. [76] Later, she cheers alongside Freed and Bickslow as Laxus unleashes powerful attacks on Jura and ultimately beats him. Ever Ichiya then faces off against Wall, while Evergreen and Bickslow continue their respective battles, but their enemies maintain the upperhand. By sssslavein Watch. She wore dark flats during the Grand Magic Games arc for the most part, and also began to wear fishnet tights. Active She always wears a light pink lip gloss, glasses and, finally, branded clothes and jewels. She is able to do this using a pair of wings that she is able to sprout at will. She covets Erza Scarlet 's title of "Fairy Queen, Titania". She is also the love interest of Elfman Strauss. Ebāgurīn [123] However, this Magic will not work if the intended target isn't human. She is unlocked through quests. However, Evergreen still manages to defeat him, and petrifies him as well. Characteristics When she sees Laxus has returned, she tells him to punish Elfman for doing "bad things" to her which comically angers Elfman. Evergreen is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild and the only female member of the Thunder God Tribe. She then reminds them that it is they who wanted to take an easy job for a change, and then proceeds to say that the job is perfect for her, because she can apply her sex appeal. A new little skin for Evergreen from fairy tail . With magical power of her tier, Evergreen is able to transfer over nearly ha… She wears oval glasses and has large breasts. Show More. [7][129], Jutsu Shiki (術式 Jutsu Shiki): Evergreen is also able to rewrite runes and change them around for her benefit, although it seems her knowledge is only at a basic level. Evergreen (エバーグリーン, Ebāgurīn), named after the tree of the same name, [vol. Erza Dominating Evergreen - Fairy tail. Cheering for Team Fairy Tail as they come out, Evergreen looks down on the arena with a calm expression. Bisca and Evergreen from Fantasia Artbook. 0 Comments. About 3 years ago . ALL; This idea is dismissed and a battle is planned between Laxus, Gajeel and Natsu. [117] Shortly after, the three manage to find Lucy, Evergreen wondering what happened. There they play fun activities, such as a relationship game that is held by Happy. Perler of Evergreen from Fairy Tail The sprite is from a nintendo DS game Fairy Tail Gekitou! added by bouncybunny3. Evergreen likes fairies and dislikes devils. [52], She and other Thunder God Tribe members return to the guild after a mission and are told what happened during the hunting of the Infinity Clock pieces and the events surrounding Michelle Lobster and the Reborn Oración Seis. Evergreen on a bonus image from chapter 377. [94], Evergreen affected by Tempester's particles, Subsequent to Laxus' arrival, he questions his comrades who their adversary is, to which Evergreen informs him that the foe is from Tartaros and is after Yajima's head. Lucy Heartfillia. Fairy Magic: Evergreen's secondary form of Magic which allows her to produce a peculiar substance from her body, this being thin, light and luminous dust. When Lisanna comments on on how strange it was to see the Thunder God Tribe back home in Fairy Tail, Evergreen responds, "Well, I am a fairy!". When she first appeared, her hair was arranged in a sidewards ponytail and she wore a gray dress (gree… [66] At the end of the Third Day's Events, Evergreen is seen sitting next to Elfman's bed, but sleeping on it. [119], Later, when Lucy returns with Carla, Happy, and the wounded Natsu, Gray and Juvia, Evergreen sits as the latter two are treated, while Natsu is unable to be helped. [113], With the Thunder God Tribe believing Wall to be truly neutralized, Evergreen questions why Ichiya was in Magnolia much to the Blue Pegasus Mage's ire. Freed uses a rune on the boat, which prevents everyone from leaving for five minutes, Evergreen manages to rewrite it easily since she has been with Freed for so long. As Evergreen and her peers discuss what to do with the defeated Tartaros member, Freed suggests to take him back to their headquarters for interrogation, which leads Evergreen to tug and extend a sausage link, noting how Freed's suggestion is her specialty. Base of Operations [82] With seven Dragons successfully entering Fiore, however, Evergreen and her guildmates are confronted by a Dragon encompassed in flames, stating that they shall experience the flames of hell as he releases a powerful roar of fire. [48], Evergreen, along with the rest of the others, returns to the Fairy Tail Guild after being found by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. [15] She is then seen defeating some of the other Fairy Tail members, commenting on how weak they are. [22] She is also seen waiting for Gildarts Clive to return to the guild. After Fairy Tail's disbandment she joined the Blue Pegasus Guild along with the other members of the Thunder God Tribe. Evergreen and Elfman wonder how he got here since they know he's not in the guild. Previous Affiliation Evergreen is a character from the anime Fairy Tail. 712 Favourites. 7 Evergreen (Fairy Tail) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. She surrounds him with the dust, thinking that the weak point of summoner Mages is that they are physically weak themselves so she goes in for the attack with her Fairy bomb. [4] After Laxus' exile, she and her teammates began to open up to the guild more and more, and she's seen around the guild hall on numerous occasions. [34] Just after Zeref disappears and Evergreen expresses concern for the exam but Natsu and Elfman insist that they should carry on as it's the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and so they move on with the exam, with Evergreen still not taking orders from Elfman. As such, they were initially the only people with whom she interacted. [55], Evergreen witnesses the defeated Celestial Spirt Mage, Being quickly struck down by Cobra, Evergreen lies unconscious on the ground while Max and Erza try fighting, but with no luck. She was able to send Elfman Strauss flying through a nearby store with a single hit. As a waitress, she tells Bickslow and Freed that they should take their job more seriously, but snaps at them when they comment that the outfit does not suit her at all. [107] A short while later, Evergreen asks Freed whether his Magic is the ultimate defense, which he replies that it's not, but that with the reduced numbers he should be able to suppress the rest of the fire. When Bickslow comments on Natsu's absence from the event, Evergreen remarks that normally he would be somewhere around them, making a ruckus.

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